1. Head south on Harding Rd toward Vauxhall Rd
2. Turn left onto Vauxhall Rd
3. Slight left to merge onto US-22 E toward New York
4. Slight left to merge onto U.S. 1 N/U.S. 9 N
5. Slight left to stay on U.S. 1 N/U.S. 9 N
6. Continue onto NJ-139 E
7. Turn left onto Jersey Ave
8. Continue onto Newark Ave
9. Continue onto Observer Hwy
10. Turn left onto Washington St
11. Turn left onto 4th St
12. Turn left onto Garden St
13. Destination will be on the left


If you live in Union City, you’re already aware that you have an advantage over people living in other towns in New Jersey. The advantage is you’re a simple ferry ride away from New York City, where a good amount of us have to work on a daily basis. What’s also unique about our location is that while we are relatively close to the city, we are still in good proximity with a lot of New Jersey’s popular beaches along the Jersey shoreline. While my town has an outstanding location between New York and the shore, and while there are some viable places to eat some baked goods and desserts, nothing compares to the baked goods and desserts made in Sweet.

The dilemma used to be traveling by ferry to New York just to buy some of Sweet’s best treats they have to offer, but now they are also located in Hoboken, which is much closer than navigating to the other side of the Hudson River. This makes things easier on those who have a rampant sweet tooth and absolutely love dessert. Sweet Hoboken will relieve your desire for some deliciously delectable cakes and make you one happy customer.

Sweet’s desserts are absolutely addicting- I am sure you will want more than one of everything. Seriously, how could anyone deny their creamy, milk chocolate pudding with thickening whipped cream on top? For only five dollars, it’s worth every penny. What about a brownie that’s engulfed with triple fudge chocolate? Yes, triple fudge! Three dollars and your wild taste buds will be tamed by its tasty goodness. If you eat rice crispy treats then I suggest you try a bite of our rendition. Lots of marshmallows combined with lots of rice crispies to make one appetizing snack.

If you have a family that eats cake on a consistent basis, why waste time constantly baking cakes? Have one of Sweet Hoboken’s wonderful 6-inch, 8-inch, or 10-incher’s. Flavors vary from chocolate to vanilla, banana to carrot, and red-velvet to pumpkin. The prices are reasonable as well. You can have a 6-inch vanilla cake for $25 or buy an 8-inch red-velvet cake for $47. Sound like good deals to me.

Maybe you don’t want such a big cake, and instead you would rather munch on cupcakes. Sweet’s has some of the most quality and flavorsome cupcakes you will find in Hudson County. Taste the classic cupcakes that come with either chocolate or buttercream frosting. Always a solid choice. If you’re feeling unconventional then Sweet’s has a top-notch selection. The coconut cupcake, $1.50 for a mini and $2.75 for a regular size, will quickly chart among your favorite baked goods. This cupcake, aside from shredded coconut, also is smothered in cream cheese frosting or chocolate buttercream frosting on top of a vanilla base. Another cupcake you definitely have to taste is the marshmallow ganache. It has soft marshmallow meringue topped on a chilled ganache cupcake.

Make sure next time you are in the Hoboken area to have a taste of Sweet Hoboken’s delicious treats. A bite of succulent goods awaits.