1. Head southeast on 60th St toward Palisade Ave
2. Turn right onto JFK Blvd E
3. Continue onto Park Ave
4. Turn left onto 14th St
5. Turn right at the 3rd cross street onto Washington St
6. Turn right onto 4th St
7. Turn left onto Garden St
8. Destination will be on the left



 Life in West New York can be full of  trials and tribulations, such as explaining to people that you don’t actually live in some abstract geographic region. The next time life has you down and you’re having to lay out for someone the fact that you’re really, no really just across the river from Manhattan, make the decision to give yourself a break and head to Sweet on 343 Garden Street in Hoboken.

Sure, it’s a 10 minute drive from where you live, but life is full of such hardships. After all, sumptuous cupcakes in an incredible array of flavors and icings should be worth a little sacrifice. Wouldn’t you be willing to make an odyssey like that for red velvet, peanut butter frosted chocolate, and banana with cream cheese icing? How about marshmallow meringue icing?

I understand. You’re talking about a very serious chunk of time you’re commuting to this expedition. I mean, once you’ve bought the cupcakes you’ll probably want to eat them right there in the store, and by then you’re going to have realized that Sweet has a whole lot more than just delicious cupcakes. You’ll probably have noticed their triple chocolate fudgy brownie, or maybe their cheesecake bar on graham cracker crust, and you couldn’t even think about getting either of those without trying their crème brûlée.

…And by then you’ll already be thinking about when the next birthday in your family is so that you can pick up one of their cakes, especially the vanilla kind that serve 6-8 and only cost $25. They’ve got other flavors and sizes too, but you’ll need to draw the line somewhere. You really should save yourself all this grief and just go to someplace more local. West New York has plenty of places to get cupcakes, right? I mean, there’s always the Deli or the Grocery. Hoboken is far. Like really far. And 343 Garden Street? So it’s on the corner of 4th and Garden, only 2 blocks West of Washington Street. Big deal. In fact, you should just call off cupcakes all together for today. Stay at home and have some Brussels Sprouts or something.